Tokenized Real Estate

A New Twist On The 4-Hour Work Week

Tim Ferris’s groundbreaking book ‘The 4-Hour Work Week’ took the online world by storm and started new communities revolving around the shared goal and obsession of acquiring a leisurely lifestyle through the accruement of numerous passive income streams. These income sources took the form of combinations of business startups, side gigs, salaried work and investment schemes to eventually lead you down a road towards a lifestyle where work was done by choice at your discretion, rather than by necessity.

Ferris’s book has recently taken a dip in popularity, with critics frequently pointing out that making enough for these investments to pan out and leave you with enough income to live off of often took years, if not decades to save up. In addition to that, traditional means of investment regularly took levels of capital that the average man could not get ahold of in any reasonable amount of time.

Fortunately for the 4HL  guys feeling discouraged by the constant haranguing by these naysayers, technology has quickly caught up to Ferris’s line of thinking, with new developments like cryptocurrencies opening up new methods of low-capital intensive methods of crypto investments. These new avenues of investment can give us what we always thought was possible: a way for the intelligent common man to put a small percentage of his earnings in an investment and seeing extraordinary returns and a path towards an alternative lifestyle.

One of the most exciting new developments is taking an old form of wealth – real estate – and introducing it to the digital realm through cryptocurrency. RealT, the trailblazer in this new market, is essentially democratizing the ownership of lucrative rental properties to allow for a greater number of people to benefit from the rents being collected. This process, called ‘fractionalized real estate’, allows crypto investors to buy stakes in a property by purchasing their proprietary security tokens, tied to the value of Ethereum, for as low as $62.70 per token at time of this writing. Investors are paid out daily with the rents collected in proportion to the percentage of the property they own.

This, in effect, gives an investor the ability to acquire an incredible passive income by doing nothing but increasing the number of tokens they own over time. Brice Berdah, an early Bitcoin investor and now cryptomillionaire, began his journey to going both bankless and having his income derived entirely from online crypto investments by investing into RealT’s properties early on. This is how he described his ‘Aha!’ moment while working with the online real estate company:

“The magic spark came from a piece a tokenised real estate I bought on Ethereum using RealT. You may already know RealT—it’s a platform for tokenized real-estate. You own property tokens and receive daily rental payments in DAI.

Why this? It got my mind racing. This was how it went:

1st day of rent: oh okay, this thing is real. By this point, I started discussing RealT with other people in the scene.

End of first week: now I was checking my wallet balance every morning—seeing the list of rent paid was exhilarating but left me craving more!

End of first month: at first I spent the DAI almost immediately using my Monolith Visa card. It was so tempting—the DAI sitting there in my wallet, accumulating every day.

After first month: as the idea of daily DAI became a reality to me, I started rethinking about my masterplan: how much DAI do I need per day to live solely on that? How much capital would it represent? (Hint: way less than $1.5M)”

If you’re like Brice and can see the upside to a near infinite source of passive income, give RealT and their platform a look. A new life might just be waiting on the other side.