Who We Are

1st American Factoring & Creative Investment was founded in 2003 by a group of respected financial traders, with a collective background in financial markets, cryptocurrencies, and IT, who sought to change the way education is dictated to both consumers and navigators within these industries. The company shares the latest news, trends and updates for every advocate for blockchain and financial technologies.

Our Principles

Dignity: We believe in our work and providing the right tools and knowledge for our clients.

Transparency: We provide full disclosure for our resources, connections and practices.

Responsibility: We strive in providing true and dedicated work on all service areas.



To educate others around the markets, businesses, and systems in which cryptocurrencies are currently living in.

Our Team

Bryan Tru


Bryan is passionate about education and finance, and aims to build businesses educated around the latest financial technologies

Adam Rand


Adam has two masters in business management and accounting. He deals with technical and investor strategies, and oversees various operations.

Cameron Fox


Cameron graduated top of her class and has extensive experience in foreign and investor trading which he uses to his benefit in the cryptocurrency field.